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PEPP: The Ocean Unites Us

Richard Pruett

A warm kaselehlie, and welcome to Partnership for the Environmental Protection of the Pacific, Inc., or PEPP, a Micronesian corporation.  Thank you for your interest in protecting the Pacific Ocean and promoting the welfare of Pacific Islanders.  


PEPP seeks to assist the people of the Pacific in better managing their environmental resources and in more robustly defending their interests in creative new and important ways. PEPP's first projects are ambitious.  Read more about our three Signature Projects under the "Our Focus" Tab, but, in brief, they're designed to bring full energy independence, broader health care service, and food security to Pacific Islanders. 


PEPP's Board of Directors (see Tab titled "Our Team") is an all-star cast of experienced Pacific hands with diverse talents and backgrounds. PEPP plans to broaden the Board by incrementally adding reputable community leaders and qualified individuals nominated by our major funding partners.  All of our leadership is serving on a pro bono basis, which translates into low administrative overhead.  Our focus is on effectiveness, sustainability, and value, in service to the people of the Pacific. We're united by our love of the Pacific and our commitment to helping Pacific Islanders surmount the many serious environmental challenges they face.


The last year has been a difficult one for PEPP. We buried our good friend and colleague, PEPP Director Ratu Jonni Madraiwiwi in October 2016. PEPP Deputy Director Ambassador C. Steven McGann stepped down from PEPP to open his own consultancy, "The Stevenson Group," in Washington, DC. Fast following short-term diplomatic assignments in Micronesia led me to step down from PEPP. Despite Dr. Mix's interim leadership, and the addition of Dr. Marcelle Gallen to our Board of Directors, these leadership changes inevitably caused PEPP to lose steam on some important projects.


One such project was NAVATARS, PEPP's project to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. NAVATARS's candidacy for a project of the U.S. Department of State's Safe Oceans Network failed to secure financial support from the Department. While this didn't come as a surprise, given the highly ambitious and potentially controversial nature of the NAVATARS project, the news took the gloss off of some exciting progress made in other avenues.


Much of that progress has been made in projects that are still at a sensitive stage and involve closely-held proprietary information. But I can tell you that if they test out, they promise to mitigate climate change, boost clean energy production, improve energy efficiency, neutralize persistent organic pollutants and radiation, treat drug dependency, and improve regional technical vocational education and training.  


Since returning to PEPP, I've briefed Micronesia's top leadership on PEPP, at their gracious invitation. That relatively short briefing included little in the way of the proprietary information but mainly described PEPP's Signature Projects and ancillary interests, such as the removal of unexploded ordnance and abandoned and derelict vessels and cars.


We remain keen to identify additional talent for our Board. We invite any interested party to contact us. 


Wishing you PEPP in abundance.




Richard K. Pruett

Executive Director

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