PEPP is organized into six divisions:


1) Renewable Energy; 2) Maritime Monitoring, Control and Surveillance; 3) Waste, Sanitation, and Water Management; 4) Wellness; 5) Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; and 6) Conservation.

In addition, PEPP currently has three Signature Projects:


1) The Pohnpei Solar Power Project; 2) Naval Auxiliary Transport, Asset Recovery and Search (NAVATARS), and; 3) UrCare expanded health care for Micronesia.

Coming Attractions:


Swimming with Tiger Sharks

National Geographic

Seal Encounter

National Geographic

Brighter Future for Bluefin

Pew Charitable Trust

Pohnpei's Marine Endangered Species 

iRei Coloring Activity Book

Introducing PEPP

The Kaselehlie Press

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