PEPP categorically opposes all whaling, including that done under the spurious pretext of "scientific research." We also vehemently protest the slaughter of dolphins and sea turtles and the illegal practice of shark finning. We advocate close monitoring, strict licensing and enforced export limits on all holothuria, bêche de mer or sea cucumber.


PEPP promotes biodiversity. We seek protection for the world's last standing terminalia forest in Kosrae and for endangered Pacific Island bird habitats in the Line and Phoenix Islands and elsewhere. We join the Government of Palau in urging Pacific Island countries to accept the Micronesia Challenge, which is a commitment to conserve 30 percent of near shore coastal waters and 20 percent of forest land by 2020.


Finally, PEPP endorses plans that promote ecotourism and responsible resource stewardship, such as the Papahānaumokuākea and Phoenix Islands Sister Marine Sanctuaries, Kiribati's Pacific Oceanscape initiative and Michigan State University's World Park collaboration with the FSM's College of Micronesia.

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