PEPP is vitally concerned with the health and wellness of Pacific Islanders.  We draw attention to the health disparities of Pacific Islanders relative to other ethnic groups, including higher cancer and infant mortality, greater prevalence of diabetes and Hepatitus B, and a high incidence of HIV/AIDS.  Pacific Islanders also have higher rates of smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity than other ethnic groups, contributing to premature death from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. 


PEPP emphasizes holistic and natural approaches to preventing and treating depression and mental illness, as well as noncommunicable disease, through lifestyle and dietary changes, nutritional counseling, and culinary health education.  We join with Eat Local campaigns to promote local, natural, unprocessed foods high in nutritional value to lower the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. 


We look for opportunities to improve treatment and increase cure rates for those suffering from drug-resistant tuberculosis and other infectious disease, through patient-centered approaches to care, new diagnostics and new food supplements and medicine.  We pay special attention to culturally traditional pharmacology and to expanding access by marginalised groups to health care coverage and services.  We conduct informational campaigns to promote exercise and immunization.  We support mental health initiatives, including the efforts of iBrave, the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre, and others against domestic violence. 


PEPP also works with public health professionals to prevent, monitor and treat against parasitic infections, pandemic influenza, tuberculosis, leprosy and other ailments plaguing Pacific Islanders. 

PEPP Director Dr. Tony Mix and spouse Dr. Vivian Mix pose with FSM President Manny Mori and First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori during their visit to a PEPP-affiliated naturopathic clinic located in Manila, Philippines. The clinic is newly accredited by Micronesian health insurance company MiCare for off-island medical referrals. Manila is the destination of choice for most such referrals.

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