Signature Projects

Occasionally, PEPP adopts for development pet or "signature" projects.  These are special proof-of-concept projects designed to showcase ideas and demonstrate new capabilities tailored to the needs of Pacific Island nations.


Currently, PEPP has three exciting Signature Projects:


1) The Pohnpei Solar Power Project; 2) Naval Auxiliary Transport, Asset Recovery, and Search, or NAVATARS; and 3) UrCare, a plan for dramatically broadening healthcare coverage for Micronesians. 

Pohnpei Power Plant

Renewable Energy


The Pohnpei Solar Power Project would slash this Micronesian island's electricity generation rates from one of the word's highest to one of the lowest. It would give Pohnpei greater energy independence, a smaller carbon footprint, and alleviate the strain on the island's only power plant, allowing more time for the maintenance and repair of existing generators.

Maritime unmanned aerial vehicle launching

Maritime Monitoring and Enforcement


Naval Auxiliary Transport, Asset Recovery and Search (NAVATARS) would leverage relationships and technologies to develop the maritime enforcement capacity of subscribing Pacific Island nations. It would create a virtual navy or coast guard largely self-sustained by the enhanced revenue it would bring to island governments through better fisheries and environmental enforcement.

Affordable Care

Pacific Partnership 2011 MEDCAP in Tonga

In coordination with MiCare, Micronesia's sole health insurance provider, PEPP plans to develop and offer a new program titled "UrCare" as a means for broadening the availability of health care to Micronesians. MiCare coverage presently protects only about 20 percent of Micronesia's population. UrCare would provide coverage to the rest -- principally subsistence farmers and fishermen and their families -- through guaranteed payments replenished by membership premiums and donations.  UrCare's regional diagnostic facilities would dramatically reduce the number of expensive off-island referrals.  Through this expanded coverage and on-island diagnostic treatment, UrCare would lessen the strain of Micronesian indigents on the social safety net in U.S. states and territories.

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