Renewable Energy

Solar panels installed in Washington, DC, by a PEPP strategic partner. In background is the White House.

PEPP is a strong proponent of renewable energy. With our strategic partners, we are leaders in the application of solar technologies.


Our first project is not only rescuing the Micronesian island state of Pohnpei from its costly dependence on fossil fuel but making it an emerging model of economic self-sufficiency through the use of cutting-edge solar, combined with modest hydroelectric power.


PEPP applauds and seeks to amplify the work done by Rotary International, assisted by the U.S. Coast Guard and others, to furnish solar-powered water distillers to inhabitants of outlying islands.


We advocate the responsible and safe use of biomass and the balanced and appropriate application of hydropower, geothermal, and windpower. We also encourage the exploration of alternative sources of energy, such as biofuels, carbon neutral and negative fuels, ocean thermal energy conversion, tide power, wave energy conversion, algaculture, etc. 

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