Partnership for the Environmental Protection of the Pacific is a values-based non-governmental organization committed to advancing and defending the welfare of the Pacific and its people with integrity, transparency and full accountability. We seek to address the underlying causes of problems, rather than simply treat their symptoms. We are social entrepreneurs who look to use scarce resourcesresponsibly and efficiently in order to create long-term value in the form of beneficial, sustainable and systemic impact on Pacific communities.

The Meaning of "Social Entrepreneurship," by the late Prof. J. Gregory Dees

The flag of Bikini Atoll. When asked that it be used for nuclear weapons testing in the cause of world peace, its leader replied in Marshallese "Men otemjej rej ilo bein Anij." Its meaning: "Everything is in the hands of God."

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Seal Encounter

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Brighter Future for Bluefin

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Pohnpei's Marine Endangered Species 

iRei Coloring Activity Book

Introducing PEPP

The Kaselehlie Press

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